One of the greatest pets you could possibly own is a domestic guinea pig as they are small, cute and affordable. They are a great alternative for families who do not have the room or desire for other common pets like dogs or cats.

Owning a guinea pig comes with some responsibilities and this site is dedicated to helping those who have made the choice to become an owner by making it a pleasant experience.

This means having the basic knowledge to provide a good home for this type of pet.

Some of the articles will touch on the basic care that this type of animal needs and deserves. While the care needed is not extensive, there are some important aspects to it and the information found here will set the foundation for this.

It is also nice to know about the history of your guinea pig and within the posts here you will get the opportunity to learn about this. In addition, there is lots of other information that you will get to enjoy, as it covers interesting topics like the different breeds of guinea pigs and some of their characteristics.

The information that you will find is meant to be interesting and informative. Hopefully it will not only help you make the decision as to whether this is the type of pet you really want to own, but will get you started on the proper care and commitment that will be needed as a new guinea pig owner.