Common Health Problems Of Guinea Pigs

common-health-problems-for-guinea-pigsGuinea pigs are relatively healthy little pets to keep and maintain but they are subject to some common health problems.

Ulcerated Foot Pads

One of the common problems that guinea pigs can suffer with involves their foot pads, that can become ulcerated and swollen. This is as a result of them being kept on hard surfaces that have no padding or bedding or they are mesh floors made of wire. Basically, they end up developing pressure sores.


If you happen to notice that your guinea pig is doing a lot of scratching and you are seeing some hair loss the problem here could be mites. These can get so bad and irritating for your guinea pig that he or she won’t be able to sleep properly. To avoid this, make sure that you regularly clean out your pet’s home and for treatment seek out what your local vet has to recommend by way of medication.

Teeth Problems

This is a another potential problem that your guinea pig could suffer with and comes as a result of not having the proper diet. Regular checkups from your vet should help to determine if there are any problems in this area and, if so, how they can be rectified.

Not Enough Vitamin C

Guinea pigs are not able to synthesise the vitamin C that they may be getting from their diet so this means that they may need a supplement. You should be able to find such a supplement at your local pet store.

By knowing the health conditions of your guinea pig, you will soon learn to detect if something is going wrong with your little guy… Or girl. Be sure to study the characteristics of your guinea pig to know how they are when they are happy and healthy and this way you will have something to compare to quickly if your pet begins to change its patterns.