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Guinea pig eating dry mix food Generally guinea pigs are reasonably easy to feed, remembering two main things. Number one - they can't make their own vitamin C. Number two - they need to be made to work at their food as if they are in the wild, by grinding down roughage in order to get sufficient nourishment. This will also help to keep the front teeth short, preventing further problems.

Guinea pigs should always have a good daily supply of grass or hay. They also need to have guinea pig mix, mash or guinea pig pellets. If they don't eat something in the mix, don't leave it out of their next feed because it is not kind to allow them to develop lazy eating habits.

You need to feed them with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in order to supply their need for vitamin C. They will generally eat the same things that we do but don't over feed one particular food type. Each guinea pig has their own favourites and can range from apples to carrots or celery to melons (including the skin), cabbage and cauliflower stalks are also popular.

Guinea pig Fudge eating grassMost plants that were grown from a bulb are usually toxic to a guinea pig, so these should be avoided. Potatoes are also harmful. Guinea pigs are herbivores and so should not be fed meat. It is recommended that you don't feed large quantities of spinach due to them possibly causing bladder and kidney stones. Also, lettuce has little food value and had diuretic properties and can act like a laxative.

Guinea pigs generally know what is good for them and also how much is good for them but never give plants that you know are unsuitable and try to stick to plants you can be sure are safe.

Always supply fresh, clean water - using a water bottle is generally the easiest method.

Edible Plants
Non-Edible Plants

For a detailed list of plants that are unsuitable for guinea pigs please click here:
Poisonous Plants for Guinea Pigs

Shepherd's purse
Sow Thistle
Cow parsley
Bramble (remove thorny spine)
Dried buttercup


Supreme Diet Mix for Guinea Pigs
Supreme Diet Mix for Guinea Pigs
A deluxe daily diet formulated to appeal to your guinea pig's natural tastes and enriched with necessary vitamin C.

(US and Canada)


Gerty Guinea Pig 3kg
Gerty Guinea Pig 3kg

A complete food for cavies, available in 3kg and 15kg bagsGuinea Pig Food
(UK & Europe)


2.2lb Vitakraft Premium Menu for Guinea Pigs Feeding Guinea Pigs
2.2lb Vitakraft Premium Menu for Guinea Pigs food for guinea pigs
Premium Menu for Guinea Pigs is nutrition that your Guinea Pig would find in his natural environment including valuable Vitamin C.
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