Getting Ready For Your Guinea Pig

d047a0d19012f2cb971ad7a36e3e6e6fBefore even buying your guinea pig you’ll want to be sure that you have its new home prepared for it. This means that you are going to have the proper cage to keep it safe and within a controlled atmosphere. You are going to need to educate yourself as to the type of food that your guinea pig is going to thrive on, which will include pellet food as well as fruit and vegetables. Plus, you are going to need a good water source for it and to be able to provide some hay for its bedding. Make sure that the environment is also a happy one and that you have a selection of toys on hand that are perfect for your new arrival.

You may also want to do some more research on the guinea pig itself so that you understand its nature and characteristics as well as what keeps it healthy. Included should be learning what the common health conditions are that a guinea pig could be faced with, so that you are able to determine quickly if something is affecting the health of your new pet.

Getting ready for your guinea pig means that you are going to want to decide on whether you are going to get more than one, and if so then you have to make sure that the accommodation that you are picking to house your new pets is going to be large enough to accommodate all of them.

Be sure to pick the right location within the home that is going to be best suited for your new furry friend. You want to make sure that it is able to socialise with the rest of the family but not be in any kind of danger, or in a physical environment that is not providing the right temperature to keep this animal comfortable. Remember that guinea pigs are sociable and can suffer from loneliness precisely like humans, so treat them like you would a little person!