Proper Care For Your Guinea Pig

3f7b1544e0ea3a338e43ec1b3da7fcfaOnce you have chosen the guinea pig that is going to become your new pet, you now have to provide the proper care which of course includes making sure that it has the proper sized cage along with the bedding and food that it is going to require.

You also want to understand the characteristics of your guinea pig, so that you can keep it in a happy environment. They are curious little animals and they always like to see what is going on. They do have acute hearing so you want to keep them in a quiet area of your home if you have a busy lifestyle. They also need to have a certain amount of activity to keep them healthy so if your cage is not big enough, then you are going to have to allow them some time to roam under your close scrutiny.

Guinea pigs like to graze on food so having hay available for them to do so will keep them happy. You should also be able to find a good quality pellet feed at your local pet store for them and you can supplement this with some fruits and vegetables as they need a good source of vitamin C. You can choose items such as oranges and melons in the fruit category and for veggies you can go with the dark green leafy vegetables. One food that you do want to stay away from is lettuce as this is not good for them.

Also become aware of what the signs of a healthy guinea pig are. They should have a nice shiny coat and their eyes should be alert. Keep a close eye on their feet as they can run into trouble with foot problems called bubble foot. Also, it is important that you spend quality time with your guinea pig on a daily basis as they are social little critters.