Where To Buy Your Guinea Pig

crop-342-184-245px-make-sure-your-guinea-pig-is-happy-step-15Setting out on an adventure to choose a guinea pig to become the next family pet is an exciting one but is one that should be done following a few ground rules. The first thing you’re going to want to do is decide where you want to purchase your guinea pig from. You are going to find that there are a few choices for this.

Local Pet Stores

If you are familiar with your local pet store and know that they are committed to the well being of any animals that they stock, then you can feel confident in knowing that you will be able to make a good choice here.

From Your Local Pet Shelter

Many times individuals purchase a guinea pig as a pet and find that it is not the best suited one for them and as a result they get rid of it. They will do this by taking it to the local pet shelter. These are animals that are now in need of a home and you may find that this is a great place for you to find the guinea pig that you are looking for that really needs a loving home atmosphere.

Guinea Pig Breeders

You may also be able to find that there are some guinea pig breeders in your area. Again you are going to want to scrutinize the type of environment that they have been bred in. Ideally you want to be able to physically go to the breeder’s location where the guinea pigs are being housed and bred. If you find that these premises are in good conditions and the animals seem to be healthy and happy then you can feel safe in making a choice from one of the many that you will find here.

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