Your Guinea Pig Cage

cage_six_woodMost people like to keep their guinea pig indoors and enclosed in a comfortable cage. In spite of this being the norm, there are some people that do house their guinea pigs outside of the home in other outbuildings, for example. No matter which way you are going for: it is critically important that you have the proper guinea pig cage to provide them with a good living environment. There are many advantages to having them indoors but it also means that you need to be able to supply the appropriate location for your guinea pig’s house.

The size of the cage is going to be important. You want it to be big enough so that they have plenty of space to move around, although if you are compelled to going with a smaller cage then you must be sure that you give them time outside of the cage to roam around and get some exercise. One of the advantages of having a larger cage besides the extra space is that you can add more items to it. A good sized cage would be around 2.4 feet in width and when it comes to length you may want to go with around 4 1/2 to 5 feet. This is enough room to house up to three guinea pigs if you choose to do so.

You have the choice of making your own cage but it is probably more convenient to purchase one of the several makes and models that are on the market. There are plenty of plans available to help you design and build your guinea pig cage if you feel this would be a better choice.

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